10 Best Kids Bike Brands in 2020

best kids bike brands
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Ben Walker
Ben Walker
I have loved mountain biking ever since growing up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I love downhill, dirt jumping, and free-riding.

Buying your kid a bike can be one of their best experiences of growing up. A bike allows them to have fun while gaining freedom as well as learning about the physical limits and possibilities of their world and themselves.

When buying a bike for a child, it’s important to get one that they will actually ride. This means getting a bike that’s made for them to enjoy and feel safe on. If they don’t like it or are scared of it, there’s a good chance they will be put off biking, and therefore miss out on all the great opportunities bike riding brings.

I’ve got together a list of brands here that are worth checking out if you’re planning on buying a kid’s bike. They are the companies making the best kids’ bikes in 2019, and in the list, you’ll find a bike that’s right for you and your child.

How do I choose the best bike for a kid?

First of all, let’s start by making sure you get the right bike for your child. Bikes come loaded with features and long lists of specifications. To keep things simple, check out these three key features to keep in mind when looking for a kid’s bike:

The easiest way to measure bikes is by their wheel size. Kids’ bikes have 12”, 14”, 16”, and 20” wheels.You want to try to get a bike that’s the right size for your kid. Don’t get them one that’s too big that they can “grow into.” Too-big bikes can be difficult for a kid to control and can actually be dangerous.

Kids’ bike frames are mainly made with either aluminum or steel. Steel frames and strong but heavy, whereas aluminum frames are lighter and still strong. Just like with adult bikes, the lighter the bike the better. Similarly, though, lighter kids’ bikes are often more expensive.

The last main feature to keep an eye on when you’re buying your kid’s bike is the brakes. Kids’ bikes tend to come with either coaster brakes, where you pedal backward to engage them, or caliper brakes that are engaged by pulling levers with your hands.
While coaster brakes are popular on kids’ bikes because they’re easy to use, they tend to get kids into bad riding habits and they might have trouble learning how to use standard hand brakes on bigger bikes.

10 Best Kids Bikes Brands

I’ve broken the 10 best brands into different categories depending on the kid’s age – balance bikes,younger kids’ bikes for 2 – 10 -year-olds, and older kids’ bikes for 10 to 13 and above.

Balance bikes

Balance bikes are good for young kids up to 4 or 5 years old. Balance bikes don’t have pedals, and the kid pushes the bike forward with their feet. As an alternative to training wheels, balance bikes are great ways for kids to learn how to balance before getting on a bigger kid’s bike. 

The best brands making balance bikes in 2019 are Strider, Woom, and Prevelo. All three companies make a good range of high-quality balance bikes, perfect for kids aged from 18 months up to 4 or 5 years old.

Younger Kids’ Bikes (2-10)

If you’re looking for the best kids’ bike for a younger kid, you’re probably going to want a bike that has pedals. You may want to look for a single-speed, just so the child doesn’t have to learn how to pedal and change gears all at once.



Cleary makes a great range of high-quality bikes for kids of all ages, and their 12'', single-speed Gecko, is a super popular bike for first riders



Specialized has a solid range of bikes for kids, from 12'' wheels and up. Their Riprock Coaster comes with removable training wheels and is a great intro bike.



Spawn has one of the biggest ranges of kids' bikes out there. Everything from beginners' 12'' balance bikes like the Tengu to the trail-ready Yoji 16'', Spawn makes a bike for everyone.

Older Kids Bikes (10-13+)

When it comes to bikes for older kids, you’re going to start seeing a lot more mountain bikes with gears, so look out for twist grips and trigger shifters. With the added weight of a bigger kid, the brakes will have to have more stopping power, so keep an eye out for mechanical or even hydraulic disc brakes. Mountain bikes for bigger kids’ bikes often come with suspension, either front or dual, though good-quality suspension will push the price up.

If you want a BMX-style bike for an older kid, you can’t go wrong with Redline. They have decades of experience making BMX bikes for kids and adults, and they have a great range from introductory to advanced BMX bikes.

Also see batman bikes for kids.

For mountain bikes, I would recommend starting with either Giant or Schwinn, both of whom have an extensive range of bikes of every style. They are both huge bike manufacturers and cover BMX bikes, as well as road and mountain bikes. They also use high-quality components and would make a great choice for your 10 to 13-year-old.

Best Bike Brand for Kids

So, there we go. I hope that’s helped you get a little clearer on what you’re looking for. Buying a bike for a kid is a great experience for them, and it shouldn’t be stressful for you either. There are countless options out there, but hopefully, my suggestions have made things clearer.

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