Types Of Mountain Bikes To Know Before Buying

Not all mountain bikes are created the same way. Most people who are into riding on high and low tails might know what kind of bike they are after. But if mountain biking is a new hobby you feel like getting into, you may want to have knowledge about the types of mountain bikes and … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Mountain Biking

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Mountain Biking

Many people complain about the extreme cost of cycling these days with most great bikes priced around $10,000 and above which is mostly true, there are other ways to begin mountain biking that won’t cost too much. This guide would help to give you information to how much it will cost if you choose to … Read more

How Many Gears Are There On A Mountain Bike?

How Many Gears are There on a Mountain Bike?

The gearing options for mountain bikes seem complex and confusing. They vary from triple crankset, single ring, or a double. For many years the basic mountain bike drive train contained a triple crankset conjoined with a  freewheel or cassette that has evolved from 6 to as much as 11cogs. In recent times there are still … Read more