5 Best Kids Bike with Gears in 2020

kids bike with gears
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Ben Walker
Ben Walker
I have loved mountain biking ever since growing up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I love downhill, dirt jumping, and free-riding.

So, your kid is ready for gears? Making the step up from a balance or a single-speed bike to a “big
kid’s” bike with gears is a big move for kids, so it’s important to get a bike that your child will be
comfortable riding and learning how to use gears.

Biking should be fun, and introducing gears into the picture can be tricky for some kids. Most kids
make the move to a bike with gears around 6 or 7 years old, but of course, it depends on the kid. Just remember, there’s no rush.

In this article, I’ll lay out the things to consider when buying a kid’s first bike with gears, as well as give you a bunch of great bikes that are worth checking out. There’s a great range of kids’ bikes with gears out there. If you’ve done your research, you’ll get the right bike with gears for your kid.

Kids bikes with gears

Gears help riders maintain a comfortable pedaling speed. By shifting gears, the chain is moved onto bigger or smaller cogs (gears) in the drivetrain. Most kids tend to start out on single-speed bikes, so they’re going to have to learn how to use them.

While adult bikes can have anywhere up to 28 speeds, most kids bikes tend to come with 6 or 10.
Often, kids’ bikes will have one shifter, as opposed to the two that come on most adult bikes. This is a great way for kids to get used to using gears before graduating onto an 18- or 27-speed adult bike.
The style of bike will often determine how many gears your child’s bike comes with. Most BMX-style bikes come with fewer gears, whereas mountain bikes and road bikes come with more gears. This is because BMX bikes tend to be designed for sidewalks and street riding. If your kid is planning on hitting the trails, then a mountain bike with gears is probably a better option.

5 bikes
Here’s a list of the five best multi-use bikes with gears, perfect for a kid to learn how to use gears. I’ve listed them from least to most expensive:

Raleigh Lily

The Raleigh Lily is a great 20” mountain bike for girls. It comes in pink, white, or green frame colors, and the frame is made out of aluminum, so it’s nice and light. The Lily has alloy V brakes and is perfect for kids who are 44 to 55 inches tall.

It also comes with 6 gears, all controlled by a twist shifter on the handlebars. Twist shifters are great for kids who are learning to ride with gears for the first time. Trigger shifters can come later. The Lily’s derailleur and shifter are made by Shimano, a company that makes great bike components.

All in all, the Raleigh Lily is a great bike for a girl who is ready for gears. Its components are solid and the price is even better. If you’re looking for a good-value bike with gears for a girl, I’d say go with the Raleigh Lily.

Vitus 20

The Vitus 20 has a lightweight alloy frame and a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain. It’s a solid mountain bike for boys or girls looking to learn how to use gears. Like the Lily, the Vitus has alloy v-brakes, but it’s a step up when it comes to the gears.

The Vitus 20 has a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, an Altus derailleurs, and a trigger shifter. Trigger
shifters are maybe a little trickier for kids to learn, but once they’ve got it, they won’t need to learn
another way, as most adult bikes come with trigger shifters.

With its alloy frame, wheels and brakes, its 7 gears and trigger shifters, the Vitus 20 is a nice step up from the basics while staying at an affordable price. It would make a great bike for a boy or a girl to ride and learn how to use gears.

Guardian Ethos

The Guardian Ethos is a steel-framed bike with 6 gears. It’s a great, midrange bike, and comes with everything a kid needs. The front and back caliper brakes give totally adequate stopping power, and the twist shifter is a nice and easy introduction to gears.

The steel frame makes the Ethos heavier than some of the other bikes on this list, though it does ensure durability and strength. It comes in 7 different color options, so you can be sure to get the right bike for your kid.

The Guardian Ethos is a rock-solid, midrange bike with gears or kids. It might not be the most exciting bike on this list, but it does everything you need a bike to do. Guardian will even throw in a free kickstand with the bike.

Woom 4

The Woom 4 has an aluminum frame which helps keep it light. It only weighs 16.9 lbs, so it’s a great contender for one of the lightest kid’s bikes with gears. The Woom 4 is an 8-speed bike, so it would get kids used to more gears than the other bikes on the list.

The twist shifter and derailleur are made by SRAM, one of the best components manufacturers in the industry. The Woom 4 has front and back caliper brakes and comes in red, blue, green, or purple color options.

The Woom 4 is a great kid’s bike with gears for someone looking for top-of-the-line design and
manufacturing. The components are high-quality and the bike feels sturdy and strong, but best ofall light. It’s a great bike for hitting the sidewalk, streets, or mountain trails.

Pello Rover

Weighing in at 20.3 lbs, the Pello Rover is a nice and light bike for boys and girls. It has aluminum parts, including the frame, handlebars, headset, and fork, which keeps it light and strong. Because of its lightweight, the Rover would make a great bike for kids looking to do some trail riding.

To make it easier to go up hills and faster on the flats, there’s a Sram 7-speed derailleur and a twist grip on the handlebars, so your kid can get comfortable with an easy introduction to using gears. SRAM is renowned in the bike industry for making high-quality components, and its a great feature on the Pello Rover.

Topping the list, the Pello Rover is an awesome kid’s bike with gears. Its lightweight and high-quality components make it a superb bike to use for introducing kids to gears. They’ll be able to ride it around the neighborhood, but also take it out on the trails.

Best Kid’s Bike with Gears by Budget

So there we go. Hopefully, by now you have a better idea of the best bike with gears to get for your kid. It’s an important step on their riding journey, and I hope this article’s made things clearer by letting you know what features and specs to look out for when choosing a bike, as well as pointing you towards 5 of the best kids’ bikes with gears in 2019. Happy riding!

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