9 MTB Saddles That Known for Endurance and Comfort!

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When choosing a mountain bike seat many people would be looking for the most comfortable seat, right? In order to have a comfortable seat, it is essential that one must account for the many factors involved. The features of a mountain bike seat can be broken down into individual elements and assessed accordingly to locate the best seat for you!

Top 3 Carbon Fibre Saddles for your MTB


RXL SL 95g Red SZ18


The manufacturer of the product has not compromised with its stiffness. Wondering how? It is so obvious right? The product is made of carbon fiber, so it is ultra light. The designer of the product has worked really hard on it. The product is not only looks good but it also decrease the pressure on perinea artery and makes your riding comfort. This is also a good product made of carbon steel. Just like the previous one it will make your ride comfortable by reducing load from your perinea artery. Its bi color design will catch your eye most. But before you purchase the product make sure it fits with your BMX. Wheatear you want to go for a Europe tour or even a world tour, this saddle seat cushion pad will always hold your back. No matter how much distance you need to cover, or how long you have to ride it. You can buy this one for heavenly comfort by closing your eyes. This saddle has passed two tests in Tour De France and Tour of Italy.
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Top Plastic Mountain Bike Saddles (though i dont recommend)


 There is no doubt that the product looks stylish and has the ability to reduce up to 40 percent load from your crotch. Still I will not suggest you to buy this product unless you want to compromise with your comfort. You can only compare the product with ordinary bike seat. Only buy this if you are an amateur rider. This is another plastic made bike seat cover from AutumnFall. Usually I do not suggest this if you are a professional or semi pro. However, if you want to buy practice riding a sports bike and do not want to invest much on it, then you can buy this product.
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Best of the Best Mountain Bike Saddles

#1 Fabric Cell Radius Elite

This product is made of cromoly steel and its shell is designed with nylon. So you might already get the point why it deserved to be at this list. One more thing in its design makes the seat really extraordinary. Its cover which is made by TPU rubber. When these all things get together the unmatched solution becomes called Fabric Cell Elite Saddle.

#2 Race Face Aeffect

Its outstanding design and sweet comfort makes your riding easier. The shape of the seat may not attract you, but that really does not matter. Race Face Aeffect is durable because it is made of microfiber cover and offers great comfort due to its flex based of honeycomb.

#3 Selle Italia X1

One of the best mountain bike seat is here. Due to its comfort like heaven and almost lifelong longevity makes Selle Italia X1 MTB Seat Saddle the best of its time in its kind. So if biking is your profession then you can buy this product without keeping any doubt in your mind.

#4 Charge Spoon Chromoly

While doing mountain biking you can easily rely on this seat. The simple design and light weight profile makes the product unique from others. One thing about this seat I can assure you personally, Spoon Chromoly is the most comfort bike seat of all in its genre.

Mountain Bike Seat Buying Guide

About Clamping System in Your Mountain Bike Seats

The clamping system is thereby the most prominent element to take into consideration when purchasing a mountain bike seat. The clamp is what fastens the seat in its place so its easy to see how a fault in this would make an extremely difficult ride! Prior to explaining more, its useful to know that there are 3 types of clamping systems, including: Standard dual rail, pivotal, and single rail.

• Standard dual rail
The most common type of clamping system! This features 2 side by side metal rails which run from the front to the rear just under the main cushion of the bike. This has a reputation for being reliable and supportive!

• Pivotal
This type of clamping system isn’t so prevalent currently, however, it is slowly becoming more common. In most cases, it is constructed from plastic and it is known to be very strong against impact and repeated impact. Perfect for learners or new riders! In addition, it features an interrogated bolt that has a vertical connection through the saddle and finally into the top of the seat post.

• Single rail
The single rail, as hinted at by the name, features one rail mutual to the rear and front of the saddle and it is situated in the centre of the seat. These are generally constructed from either carbon fibre or plastic, and as a result of this they are renowned due to their lighter weight and resistance to impact.

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What about the ​Materials of your MTB Seats

The material to which a mountain bike seat is made from is extremely important to determining the comfort of the seat. The materials to which the rails are made from play a vital role in addition to the materials that cover the saddle.

• Kevlar
Kevlar is a synthetic material with a high magnitude of strength. The material is highly useful for the use of mountain bike seats as it provides many desirable features. Kevlar made seats have a reputation for generally being very stylish. They are also known to absorb bumps along the track making for a very smooth and comfortable ride!

• Plastic
Plastic seats are generally not preferred when it comes to comfort. Plastic saddles are known for being too “slippery” and not as shock absorbent as other seats leading to a turbulent ride. On the other hand, a plastic saddle is very light!

• Synthetic leather
Synthetic leather is highly advantageous as it is a slight replication of genuine leather. Synthetic leather is usually cheaper than genuine leather in addition to an easier cleaning process. It is also more elastic allowing for additional comfort.

• Genuine leather
A seat made from genuine leather is associated with a number of advantages if the rider docent mind a slightly heavier seat. Leather naturally is good at “stretching and flexing” meaning it will move to accommodate the riders requirements. Genuine leather is also a preferred choice for one who is opting to ride in summer due to the materials ability to “breathe” through excess heat and pressure.

• Carbon fibre
Carbon fibre is a fantastic material with an array of benefits concerning comfort. Carbon fibre is extremely light and simultaneously a strong material. The most comfort for the rider comes with the shock absorbing ability of the material.

​Wide or Narrow?

The width of a mountain bike seat is completely subjective to the rider themselves. In order for the seat to be comfortable, the riders bones must be situated correctly on the seat. As in all factors, this varies with the rider.

• Wide Seats
Wide seats are generally preferred for female riders. Most females have bone that are further apart, making a wider seat more compatible. Like everything however, this is different for everyone. Having a seat that is too wide can cause a few problems concerning comfort. It can lead to chafing and other skin problems.

• Narrow seats
Conversely, as wider seats are preferred for most female riders, more narrow seats are more compatible for most men. Men tend to have bones which are closer together, making a narrower seat more compatible. Problems can arise concerning comfort if a rider opts for a seat too narrow, such as their bones coming off the seat which can lead to bruising and discomfort.

​High or low?

While this may sound obvious, it may strike as surprising to discover most mountain bike riders lower the seat too much. This habit usually stems from childhood when people are first learning to ride a bike. It is not uncommon to encounter problems when the height of your seat is not appropriate. It is advisable the rider experiment and find an appropriate and comfortable height. Below the problems associated with having inappropriate height are outlined.

• Too Low
A seat that is too low has the potential to cause an array of problems for the rider. The main problem associated with this is the rider having to bend their legs to accommodate for the pedals position. This can lead to unnecessary cramping and other problems.

• Too High
As with having the saddle too low, having it too high can also bring about some problems. When the pedals are too far to reach, the rider may have to move their hips to accurately pedal and they may also have to stretch, leading to discomfort.

Final words
There are many components of a mountain bike seat that influence the overall comfort produced by the seat, including the clamping system, the materials the seat is made from, the height and width of the seat. Riders each have different requirements, expectations and definitions for “comfortable”, meaning that the perfect seat for you may be the complete opposite for your neighbor!

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