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For me there is something magical about the springtime, the days are getting longer, nature is awakening from its winter slumber. And I’m hammering down the trails with all the enthusiasm of a schoolboy on the first day of the summer vacation.

Spring is definitely my favorite season, the temperature isn’t too hot, the trails are fresh and the forests are light and airy. If you were thinking about taking up mountain biking, then this would be the perfect time to buy a mountain bike.

In an ideal world that is.

Unfortunately, it isn’t an ideal world. It seems that in spring everyone seems to have the same idea and the mechanics of supply and demand push the prices of bikes skywards.

But this same fact gives a big clue as to when one of the best times to buy a mountain bike is.

1 Late summer or fall

Many of the top name manufacturers release the following year's models in the late summer or fall. This can lead to some hefty discounts available on their existing models.

It is always worth keeping an eye on their web pages and other retail outlets to see if you can grab a bargain.

Below is a list of when some of the best-known manufacturers release new models.

  1. Cannondale : Cannondale usually announces the release of new bikes a month before they appear in the shops. Normal release dates are around August time.
  2. Trek : Watch for the Trek World dealer expo, Trek is known to release new models shortly after this. The date varies from year to year but is usually around later summer or fall.
  3. Giant : Giant is usually one of the earliest to release their new models. June release dates are not uncommon, so if you are looking for an earlier bargain then Giant might be worth a look.
  4. Scott : Anytime from August into the early fall is when Scott usually releases their new models.

Before I move on, it is worth pointing out that this is also a great time for picking up some cracking used bikes. Cyclists upgrading to the new models will often sell their existing bikes.

2 Black Friday

This one is a no-brainer, sure the dark days of winter might not leave you hankering to get out on the bike. But think ahead, spring will come around before you know it, and that Black Friday deal will be there waiting for you.

I listed some great bargain bikes in my review of mountain bikes under $500, picking one of these up on a Black Friday deal could just be the best bargain you get this year.

If you are worried about buying a bike online you can always check out my buyers guide. This is full of useful information aimed at making sure you get buy the perfect bike.

3 January Sales

In January spring is already knocking at the door. This could be the perfect time to pick up that post-Christmas bargain. Many retailers want to offload unsold stock, others just want footfalls through their doors or web pages.

Whatever the reason, there are usually some fantastic bargains around this time of the year. Be careful though, because spring is so close, sale prices on Mountain Bikes aren’t kept in place as long as some other products. This is a short window of opportunity.

4 Springtime

Okay, so you’ve missed every opportunity. Spring is here and your energy levels are coming out of hibernation. Sometimes it’s worth just biting the bullet. And all is not lost, just occasionally bargains can still be found.

Tactics such as hunting about for a closing down sale, or looking for shops and webshops that are offering demo models can sometimes pay dividends. Many local dealers offer demo bikes for sale, it is always worth asking the question.

Closing thoughts

Patience and timing are the key factors if you want to grab a bargain. Make yourself familiar with the brands, sites, and shops, watch for their sales announcements.

Another important factor is to know what you are looking for in a mountain bike.  This means you don’t spend endless hours hunting and finish up with a bike that isn’t right. Our buyer's guide will help you with that aspect.

Buying a bike at the right time of year can save you hundreds of dollars, and that just adds a touch of icing to the fun to be had with your new toy.

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