Best Black Friday Bicycle Deals 2020

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With all the new season models coming in, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to score some discounts on all kinds of bicycles. This year is no different, and with retailers filtering off their old stock already, we decided to do the legwork for you and bring you some of the best black Friday bicycle deals.

The products featured below are available at great discount prices and they are all of good quality. You can trust that the deals listed below are some of the best Black Friday mountain bike offers.

Chain Reaction Cycles Black Friday

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Jenson USA Cyber Monday

Best Black Friday Bicycle Deals

  1. Fuji SL 2.3 Disc Road Bike 2018

Wiggle is offering up to 50 percent off this Fuji, as well as other 2018 Fuji Bikes. This super light carbon racer uses top-quality C10 high modulus carbon as well as large chainstays to increase acceleration. The chainset and finishing kit are all from Fuji but the braking system is a Shimano RS505 hydraulic braking system.

  1. 10% off 2019 Bikes

Usually, Black Friday sales tend to affect only items from the previous season. This year, however, Rutland Cycling is doing something different and offering their 2019 bicycles at a 10% discount rate. You can find brand new bikes such as this Specialised Tarmac Bike with additional compliance and new aero skin. The offer is open to all 2019 bikes. All you need to do is apply the code “BIKE10” to enjoy your discount.

  1. Vitus Razor Road Bike

This is a great bike for anyone looking for a commuter bike or a first road bike. It’ll surely carry you diligently through your daily route from your home, to work, and back. The Vitus Razor Road Bike is available on CRC for just £349.99 saving you £150 off its original price. The bike blends the geometrics of race and sports to give you a fun ride that won’t leave your back aching when you’re done. It comes with a Shimano Claris groupset, an aluminum frame, and a carbon fork.

  1. Scott E-Sub Cross 20 2018 Men’s Electric Hybrid Bike

Get the Scott E-Sub Cross 20 2018 Electric Hybrid Bike from Rutland Cycle and save up to £700. Electric bicycles are growing in popularity, which is good as it’s encouraging more people to get on bikes. You can buy it with either men or women’s component, so it fits perfectly from the onset. It is an excellent bike for the occasional off-road riding. The Scott E-Sub Cross 20 comes with a Suntour fork, an alloy frame, Acera 9-speed groupset, and Shimano hydraulic discs. It is powered by a 400Wh battery and is capable of providing 250 watts of power.

  1. Carrera Crossfire 2 Hybrid Bike

If you’re looking for a hybrid bike, then this is the perfect Black Friday deal for you. The Carrera Crossfire 2 is a comfortable bike that is more than worth the cost. It is available in men and women’s guises. The Crossfire 2 is equipped with a light aluminum frame, a Suntour fork, 24 Shimano gears, and Tektro mechanical disc brakes. Get a 21% discount when you purchase from Halfords.

Is it wise to buy a road bike on Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals?

The biggest complaints amongst cyclists nowadays are about the cost. If you visited any online bike forum, you’d see hundreds criticizing the extravagant prices of high-performance bikes.

Of course, none of these critics is considering the major advances that have happened in bike development over the years or the fact that the cost rose at about the same time as inflation. While it is true that high-end bikes are expensive (sometimes ridiculously so), you don’t always have to get the top-brand models, which are usually used by professionals, and tend to cost the most.

Generally, the more expensive bikes have stiffer, lighter, and better components. However, you shouldn’t have to spend all your savings on purchasing a bicycle. This is why Black Friday sales are so important; you can get top-performance bikes at sometimes even half their original price. So if you’ve been keeping an eye on a particular bike model, then this is the perfect time to go get it. Check out all the amazing deals listed above and you’ll be sure to find something that fits with your budget.

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