Best Black Friday Mountain Bike GPS Deals

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Black Friday GPS Deal

If there’s one thing cyclists love more than ride on their bike, it’s a healthy chunk of data. Of course, the easiest way to get your hands on those data is to purchase a decent GPS. Here’s a look at some Black Friday deals on GPS that can help you get your hands on a decent GPS at an affordable price. With one of these GPS accessories, you’ll be able to keep track of all of your data, but more importantly, you’ll be able to save some money thanks to these great deals.

Best Black Friday Mountain Bike GPS Deals


  • Garmin Edge 520


The Garmin Edge 520 is the ideal GPS accessory for those riders that are concerned with performance. It can help keep track of your data during training. Some of its features include Di2 integration, live tracking, smartphone connectivity, and alert. The 520 is the best mid-range GPS you can get for your bike. The Garmin Edge 520 is available on Wiggle at a 37% discount.

  1. Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS

Although the Lezyne isn’t the most refined GPS on the market in terms of design, it does provide several features that make it worth its money. It has everything you need to keep up with your data training. You can get the Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS from Pro Bike Kit at 24% off.

  1. Garmin Edge 820

This bears a striking resemblance to the Edge 520, but it comes with some additional navigation features that allow the GPS to do on-the-fly planning. This feature is extremely useful if you’re going exploring or if you have a habit of getting lost. The Garmin Edge 820 is on offer at Halfords with a 68% discount.

  1. Garmin Edge 1000

The Edge 1000 is one of the best GPS training and touring computer in the market. It includes a cadence sensor and heart rate monitor. The Edge 1000 isn’t as popular as before because of the newly released Edge 1030 but you can get it from the Cycle Republic at 40% off.

  1. Garmin Edge 25

When it comes to GPS on bikes, Garmin is leading the market, which is why the Garmin Edge 25 is available at Halfords at 8% discount.

Should I buy a road bike on Cyber Monday?

If you’re thinking of getting a road bike then Cyber Monday is the best time to buy one. You can find exquisite deals on all sorts of road bikes and spend less than half of what you normally would on a quality road bike. Like it or not, a bicycle is an investment and they can be quite expensive but they are completely worth it. So when an opportunity like Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes along, you should grab all the bargain deals that you possibly can.

Apart from picking up a road bike from Black Friday mountain bike deals, you can also get different types of bicycle parts, replacement tires, cycling clothes, and other cycling accessories that can make your riding experience a more wholesome one.

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