Black Friday Kids Bike Deals in 2020

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Best Black Friday Kids Bike Deals from halfords

Best Black Friday Kids Bike Deals from chainreactioncycles

  1. Kiddimoto Super Junior Max balance Bike

The Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance Bike is made from a lightweight frame that makes it perfect for children aged 2 - 5. The frame gives them the confidence they need to learn how to balance on a bike and ride independently. Buy this junior max decal balance bike from Tweeks Cycling and save 31%.

  1. Ex Hire Frog Bike 73

The Frog 73 is not only a great kids bike, but it’s also a pretty cool one too with all the available color options. You can easily find one to match your child’s style. It comes with premium aluminum frame and fork, and a Shimano Alivio 8 speed drivetrain that makes it both lightweight and a joy to ride. Save 24% off when you purchase the Ex-Hire Frog Bike 73 from Rutland Cycling.

  1. Cube Kid 200 Mountain Bike

This is a bike for older, more adventurous kids who don’t want to be limited to the roads. It has both front and rear rim brakes and a simple 7-gear transmission. If your child is old enough and ready for some off-road fun, then the Cube Kid 200 Mountain Bike is the bike for them. You can get it at 40% off at CRC.

  1. Ridgeback Dimension Runner 12w Balance Bike

Tredz UK is offering this balance bike at 37% off. The Ridgeback Dimension Runner is a great bike for introducing your kid to the cycling life. It has a lightweight aluminum frame so your child can ride easily, stiff steel fork for cornering, and an alloy v-brake to give it a better stopping power.

  1. Hoy Meadowbank 650c Track Bike

Save 46% when you buy this Hoy Meadowbank 650c Track Bike from Evans Cycles. This bike is perfect for kids aged 8 - 9. It got its name from the track where Sir Chris Hoy rode the first lap of his fantastic career. A carbon fork and an aluminum frame mean your child can expect high performance from this bike every time.

Three things to know before buying a kids bike this Cyber Monday

Kids bike are cost intensive and they’ll surely get your child super hyped. But how do you know if you’ve gotten the best bicycle for your kid? Here are three tips to help you with your purchasing decision.

  • They aren’t always easy for kids to maneuver

A kid’s bike should be lightweight so they are easy to handle and lift. If you have problems lifting it, then imagine how hard it must be for your kid. Aluminum frames are typically lighter than steel ones so keep that in mind.

You should also consider the frame design. Bikes with low step-through frames are easier to get on and get off. This is particularly important if you’re buying a bike for a smaller child.

  • They need to be sturdy, not heavy

The fact is your child is going to toss his or her bike around a bit. They’ll throw it on the ground without a second thought. They’re also going to get into a couple of light crashes they might not tell you about (which is why kneepads and helmets are important). All of these means you should get a sturdy bike for your kid if you want it to last.

  • Sometimes accidents will happen

Kids are very excitable and it shows in how they ride and handle their bikes. When purchasing a bike you should expect your child to get into a couple of crashes with it. You should always get some protective equipment alongside your kid’s bike. For mountain bikes, and BMX, a helmet is always important.

The bottom line when buying a kids bike is to get something that is sturdy and durable, lightweight for easy handling, and of course helmet and other safety accessories as a precaution.