Best Black Friday Mountain Bike Tire Deals

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Black Friday Tires

Are you looking for great deals, on bikes, tires, helmets, and other bicycle gear this Black Friday? Or maybe you’re looking to purchase a first bike for your kid this Christmas?

Cycling is a very popular activity, and despite all that, it is still one of the more expensive. If you've been thinking of upgrading your tires without emptying your savings, then why not take advantage of one of these Black Friday Mountain Bike deals.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to make all your cycling related purchases as you'll be able to get some of the best bikes and bicycle parts at incredible discount deals. By making the right purchase at the right time, you'll be able to save on huge sums of money  

Although cycling is an increasingly popular activity, it’s also one of the more expensive ones.

Best Black Friday Tire Deals

  1. REI Outlet

Apart from having 50% off on their Cyber Week deals, REI Outlet is also closing their physical stores on Black Friday to give their employees time to catch up on some holiday shopping. You can get this impressive Continental Grand Sports Race Foldable Tire at 33% off its original price at REI Outlet

  1. Wiggle

A wide selection of bike tires is available on wiggle at up to 50 percent off. Why not grab a few sets because you can never have too many replacement tires in your garage.

  1. Rutland Cycling

You can save up to 20 percent off this black Friday on Rutland Cycling. They have great bargains for both roads, tubeless, and MTB tires. Get the Bontrager SE4 Team Issue MTB Tyre at astonishing 64% off on Rutland Cycling.  

How to choose a tire this Cyber Monday

Different types of bicycles call for different tires. If you want to get the best performance from your bike, make sure you get the right set of tires. There are three tire types that you can choose from, and what you pick will depend on the kind of wheel you own. The three tire types include clincher tires, tubular, and tubeless tires.

  • Clincher Tires

These are the most popular tire types. It is made up of a U-shaped cross-section, which sits a separate inner tube. The edge of the tire attaches to the rim and holds everything in place. One reason why clincher tires are so popular is that they're easy to fix when you have a flat tire. The downside of clincher tires is that they increase the chances of pinch flat and make for a less comfortable ride.

  • Tubular tires

They are more popular among cyclists interested in racing. Tubeless tires are lightweight, are considered the most comfortable type of tires. They can only be used with a tubular wheelset since they have no inner tube. Tubular tires aren't as easy to mount as circular tires

  • Tubeless Tires

These are a relatively new set of tires. They can be used on any clincher wheelset. Tubeless tires are a perfect hybrid between a clincher and a tubular tire.


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