How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Mountain Biking

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Many people complain about the extreme cost of cycling these days with most great bikes priced around $10,000 and above which is mostly true, there are other ways to begin mountain biking that won’t cost too much. This guide would help to give you information to how much it will cost if you choose to get into mountain biking.

The steps include;

  1. Create a budget;

The first step in getting into mountain biking is obviously to purchase a decent mountain bike.

One ould not spend an extravagant sum of money on a mountain bike; there are bikes one can purchase that would provide you with a fun and safe ride on the trail. You can get a bike using the following ranges as a basic guide;

  • $500 or less; though the bikes you can purchase at this range are limited, you can still get a good bike for this price. There are various sites which offer great used bikes at low
  • Budget-minded bikes ranging from $500 - $1000; there are great hardtail bikes which can be gotten for this price or even entry level full suspension bikes.
  • Mid-Range Bikes are ranging from $1,000-$1,500; for this price, there are various full suspension and great hardtail for this price. These bikes would consist of the same frames as the more expensive models but with cheaper parts. You can upgrade as you want after purchase.
  • Upper mid-range bikes range between$1,500-$3,500; you can purchase bikes in this range that would stay for some Various hardtail or full suspension bikes can be gotten for this price.
  • Mid-premium bikes ranging from $3,500 and above; if you can afford the bikes in this range, all you need to do to select a bike which suits your style of riding.

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  1. Determine the riding you wish to engage in;

Depending on the riding you wish to engage in would help you decide what kind of bike you wish to choose from. Your choices range from the XC, all mountain or trail bikes, and the downhill bike. It’s best to be factual about where you plan on riding. The downhill bike is majorly good for going down slopes with speed.


  1. Begin putting it in place

Once you have made your choice and chosen your riding style, then you could choose the bike you wish to ride. Here you try to select the components you feel you might need on the bike to enable you ride comfortable and conveniently.

It’s best to scrutinize all the bikes carefully before making your choice regardless of if you are buying a used bike or brand new one.

Hopefully, this guide would make you understand how much it would cost you to begin mountain biking, the major cost falls on the purchase of the bike, the guide would surely give you a basic idea.

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