Diamondback Response XE Complete Review & Ratings

Diamondback Response XE

The Diamondback response xe is a great start for sure. It’s an entry level mountain bike which means it has few drawbacks, if you don't mind upgrading components when they break. The components could be much better although the bike is cheap so you get what you pay for. If you looking for a cheap bike and want to personalize your bike according to your need then Response xe is made for you. It’s a wonderful bike and you will be happy with it. It has a great frame and upgrading the components would work better.

Complete Review of Diamondback Response XE

Features of Diamondback Response XE

If you planning to buy a Diamondback Response xe mountain bike which is a cheap bike and thinking what all upgrades you will require and below let’s see how much customisation you will require.

  • Strong Frame

This bike is equipped with four different sizes 22 inch, 20 inch , 18 inch , 16 inch according to your height. An average sized person typically will require at least an 18 inch frame

It has an 6061-T6 aluminium frame which is both lighter and stronger putting a little excitement into your life. The frame is curvy and have nice lines. Good for entry level riders who doesn’t need real aggression.

Pedals are made up of plastic material, you might feel a click or thump in the pedals. It may breakdown depending how hard you ride, upgrading the pedals is required. Crank is heavier and need to be replaced with lighter one.

Basically you need to replace the cranks and the pedals to make this a much better bike

  • Disc Brakes

Brakes are good it has mechanical disc brakes no replacement required but if you want more powerful brakes then you can go for hydraulics brakes such as Shimano. Disc brakes provide substantially more stopping power than rim brakes. Disc brakes have all-weather ability it will work perfectly in wet too.

  • Suspension

Diamondback response xe is a hard tail bike so only front suspension no rear suspension. A mountain bike with this Suspension is best for ridding around the neighbourhood, on rail trails, and at the shore The front shock is good but not great. The main advantage of it is efficient pedalling.
This bike is best for trails but not for downhill.

Bike is equipped with RockShox XC28, coil sprung, 100mm fork , the fork is good seeing the price. You may need to replace the fork .

  • Wheels

No up gradation required for the wheels. Wheels are of good quality and have great rolling resistance and increased stability. It has various sizes wheel and newmodel is coming with 29er. Overall wheel has great grip.

  • Shifter

It has Shifter SRAM SX-3 Trigger 7spd which is good for the price range offering more flexibility. Cables need to be replaced as it get gunk up after the abuse of hard ride and muddy trail.

Watch Diamondback Response in Action! (Video)

Short Specification of Diamondback Response XE

MSRP=/- $500
Sizes(16 ,18 , 20 , 22)inch
Frame6061-T6 Aluminium frame
Front/Rear ShockOnly front
ShiftersSRAM SX-3 Trigger 7spd
Handel barMTB 30mm Riser
Wheels26 inch
SpokesBlack,14g Stainless Steel
PedalsDB Toe Clip Compatible Platform

Style of Diamondback Response

I really like the bike. It delivers the strong look and attractive. It look smooth and even with no irregularities. The frame doesn’t have too many angles. It has fewer the joints, making the frame stronger. Dropout looks substantial and doesn’t look bent or worn. Bottom bracket is sufficiently thick. As mention above plastic pedals give u a cheep look

Strength of Reponse

  • Light frame,
  • Good handle bars
  • Handles well in trial
  • Strong frame
  • Good for entry level biker
  • Great suspension
  • Cheap

Weakness of Reponse

  • No rear suspension
  • No hydraulic brake
  • Plastic pedals
  • Upgrading required

Editor's Rating!

diamondback response xe featured

Price $$$

Price range varies according to the size but you are likely to pay less than 500$ for a new model or you can visit amazon for current price and discount. (This bike currently unavailable on amazon, you can check its best alternative bike option below.)

Best Alternative

If you plan to, or do ride aggressively, then this bike is not for you. If you are looking for a budget bike, and you want to upgrade it yourself, then this bike will probably work fine for you.

If you looked breaking down of bike as an opportunity to upgrade, then cost of upgrading your bike will cost more than 600$.

You can enjoy personalizing the bike or buy a new bike which may cost around $800/600.

Else you can skip upgrading and go for Diamondback Overdrive Sport 29er which comes with complete package and no need to customize like it has hydraulic brake and the gearing inches is 20 which is less in overdrive better than The Diamondback response xe which has 29 inches .Therefore that the Overdrive will be able to climb hilly tops more easier than the Response with the same amount of effort.

In short, Diamondback Response xe is good for your first bike. If you looking for a great mountain bike under $400 that will suit your basic needs. It has disc brakes and they are great. You can ride every day, over all it is a great beginner’s bike. It is cheap mountain bike and the component are good for the price range and if you think of any up gradation you can customise it. The bike for the price range it's at really isn't bad, a few drawbacks but nothing major. But if you are experienced rider and need more from a bike then buy something else as mention above.

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