Diamondback Sorrento Review: All You Need to Know

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If you don’t want to invest too much in a mountain bike and want to customize yourself then you are in right place Diamondback has a bike for you named as Diamondback Sorrento. Diamondback Sorrento is a multipurpose bike mixture of commuter as mountain bike. They come in many colors.

With so much comfort, safety and range this mountain bikes is the best thing to have for your ride or a best gift you can ever give. So why would you want to buy anything else!

Complete Review of Diamondback Sorrento

Features of Diamondback Sorrento

It’s commonly said that Diamondback Sorrento bike is worth the sum of its parts, but to what extent does that hold true? Moreover it has mixed review confusing the buyer, below we will find out what actually we are getting is it worth it or not?

Strong Frame

The frames are clearly the biggest factor in this whole battle. In pure terms of design of frame provide complexity and highest technology, at this particular price, you're getting a reasonable quality aluminium full suspension mountain bike under 1000.

Frame is very light in weight, it provides better climbing and acceleration, it gives the bike a submissive ride and absorbs vibration. Frame is designed exceptionally well and is very suitable. They provide more comfort and style. The front fork is the most important component on a mountain bike and that too is not that good but for price range it’s great.


It’s quite sad that disk brake is not provided with this model. It is made up quality of brake shoe and easier to adjust after few miles the cable need to be tweak so that brake grip doesn’t get loose. Brake provides incredible stopping power in pretty much all weather conditions it may be a problem in rainy season.

It’s easier to control the bike and how much brake you need at any given time. Most of the time one finger is needed to stop the bike. I recommend disc brakes for mountain bikes.


Diamondback Sorrento is a hard tail bike. It is a front suspension & a type of cross country mountain bike, so it has good cutting edge of technology and great acceleration. The front shock is not that good but shouldn't cause you trouble unless you take it outside of its comfort zone it's not going to do as well as you may have hoped.

The suspension will probably breakdown if you ride hard. Suspension needs to be customized but as commuter it works great.

Huge Wheels

You will get 27.5 inch which will give you benefits for easy rolling and great traction. Tires are designed for hard-core riders who want maximum responsiveness and control in difficult terrain. Wheels are somewhat more durable, tire system is capable of handling any condition and riding style. These wheel configurations make this mountain bikes perfect for mountain biking.


It has SRAM SX-3 Trigger 7-speed which feels right for this bike and easy to use. They work well and you will have infinite freedom as you continue to get better. It has abilities to shift several gears in one shift plus they are lightweight. Shifters are made up of excellent quality ability to make personal adjustments. Find an open area and pedal, your shifts will be faster and more silent. Riding uphill or downhill has become five finger exercises.

Not only features but style attracts the buyer. After assembling the bike looks awesome. It has great frame. Bike is design in such a way that cables don’t bend too tight and don’t become bound as the suspension moves up and down, eliminating the need for cable tension.

Style of this Bike

No bouncing feeling when you get off the bike saddle. Frames do have an amount of shock-absorbing characteristic due to the improved materials and its design. It has perfect curves but not too much giving a powerful hard tail mountain bike look.

Somewhere it’s street mountain bike, it features a system that allows the biker to ride over obstacles, and ride over a smooth road. Features of this bike include fast-rolling tires on trails as well as road. This bike is designed keeping characteristics of mountain bike and commuter in mind.

Strength of Diamond Sorrento

  • Larger frame
  • Light weight
  • Ability to roll over obstacles easier due to bigger wheels
  • Cheap price
  • Smooth shifting of gears
  • Different size options available
  • Adjustable components
  • Good ride qualities
  • More stable
  • Commuter bike

Weakness of This Mountain Bike

  • Weakness of This Mountain Bike
  • Assembling of bike required
  • No rear suspension
  • No Disk brake
  • Stock seat uncomfortable
  • Cheap quality stock pedals
  • Upgrades required

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Price range varies according to the size but you are likely to pay less than 500$ or you can visit amazon for current price and discount.

Diamondback Sorrento

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Best Alternatives to Diamondback Sorrento

A mountain bike that is good for the entry level bikers. We can’t call it a mountain bike as it is designed to combine the everyday functionality of a commuter bike and few capabilities of a mountain bike.

If you are looking for a cheap bike with few upgrades then go for Diamondback Response.

Diamondback Response fall under same price with good quality component and it has a disk brake too. Diamondback Sorrento requires more upgrades than Diamondback response. So it’s not a bad deal to go for Diamondback response. You can check Diamondback response review to know more.

Diamondback Response

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No products found.

In short, Diamondback Sorrento does not fit to be in mountain bike category or you can term it as poor’s man mountain bike, it’s cheap. It falls under commuter bike. It’s a hard tail bike and it’s not designed to handle strong trails you will end up breaking down of bike into pieces. You can say it by looking the quality of components used, which need to be customized. Brakes are nice but disk brake could be better.

This bike suits you if you want a cheap mountain bike that ride on asphalt and smooth trails or uses as a commuter bike. Not recommend to aggressive riders.

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