Diamondback vs Specialized ; Which should I go for?

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Mountain biking is a sport that is well loved by people of all ages and abilities. The fresh air, magnificent views and the challenging yet satisfying workout as you climb up and down the hills using just pedal power is what keeps people hooked onto the activity. To ensure an enjoyable outdoor biking adventure, it is important that you choose the right bike that is both affordable and practical.

A mountain bike is a ticket to freedom - experiencing mother nature in all her beauty on two wheels is a wonderful feeling. This will make you want to explore even further on every subsequent ride you go on. A well designed and crafted mountain bike allows you to cover the hundreds of miles you will take on those rides. And with regular maintenance - these bikes will stay reliable for many more adventures in the future.

In this article we will compare two notable mountain bike brands for beginners - Diamondback bikes and Specialized bikes. We will take note of the specifications, the features and finally list out the pros and cons of each brand to hopefully help you choose the right mountain bike for you to start your journey with.

Diamondback Vs. Specialized


Diamondback bikes are an award winning brand that is often talked about in mountain bike circles - and for good reason. Their bikes are crafted with attention to detail with a design that is both beautiful to the eye and provide exceptional ergonomic control for the rider.

  • Frames & Tires

Diamondback’s full suspension mountain bikes are made using high quality components that have been thoughtfully picked out. The bikes come with durable 27.5” by 2.8” thick tires that are reliable enough to take you anywhere you need to go with ease of mind. The aluminium alloy frames are lightweight but strong enough to take on even the most aggressive rides on tough terrain.

  • Gears

An 11-speed gear system comes as stock on Diamondback bikes. This system provides a smooth and seamless gear shifting experience without any jumpy or delayed movement as you move up and down the gears with maximum drivetrain efficiency.

  • Brakes

Disc brakes are stock on Diamondback bikes. Disc brakes are commonly regarded as a reliable braking system for bicycles. Considering that outdoor riding presents many unexpected challenges, this is an important feature to take into account. A blocked path or wildlife getting in your way as you blaze through the trail at high speed requires quick reflexes and more importantly - efficient braking gear that will allow you to stop safely at lightning fast speed while greatly reducing the risk of throwing you off your bike. Pros

  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminium alloy frame
  • 11-speed gear system provides ample pedaling power
  • Safe, high quality disc brakes


  • Expensive, initial investment comes at a high price
  • Stiff suspensions on new bikes might discourage beginners


Specialized bikes are known for innovation in the cycling world. Since 1974, the company has amassed an array of patents and inventions that aim to solve problems that cyclists face in any kind of riding condition. For the extremely technical world of mountain bikes - innovation is always a good thing.

  • Frames

Most of the Specialized range of mountain bikes are made out of carbon fiber material which is lighter and stronger than aluminium - and pricier too. For those conscious of their budget, there are also aluminium alloy frame options available.

  • Tires

The stock tires that come on Specialized bikes are a little thinner than the Diamondback, at 2.3” wide. This translates to a slight reduction in balance but this ultimately affects seasoned riders more than it does beginners who are just starting out.

  • Gears

Specialized bikes come equipped with a 12-speed gear system - which is one higher than Diamondback. This can potentially provide more power as you pedal through the drivetrain on especially tough inclines.

  • Brakes

The caliper brakes that come with every Specialized bike have effective stopping power that allows the rider to come to a safe stop no matter the current riding terrain.


  • Carbon fiber frame is lighter, better tensile strength than aluminium
  • 12-speed gear system


  • Thinner stock tires
  • It takes a while to get used to the many controls available

Final thoughts
Investing in a good mountain bike is a major milestone for any beginner rider, and it's always a good feeling to know that you’re getting your money’s worth. After comparing, we’d say that Diamondback bikes prove to be the better of the two options. The peace of mind that you’ll get from quality components and better construction makes the higher price tag on the Diamondback bikes worth paying for.

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