Fox Mountain Bike Helmets Review

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Fox is a prevalent and popular brand making mountain bike helmets and a range of other mountain biking related clothing. The brand is associated with a range of positive reviews and a comforting history surrounding the quality and style of their helmets. In this article, we will review the different helmets by the brand and provide an overall conclusion regarding their helmets overall.

Complete Review Of Some Fox Helmets

Flight Hardshell


The Flight Hardshell helmet by Fox is relatively stylish, displaying top coverage and availability in a range of colours.​


​The flight Hardshell features improved flexibility, fit and overall comfort to the wearer as a result of its segmented ESP design. The helmet is also renowned for its thin ABS shell resulting in its light weight in addition to improved airflow created by its 8 big bore vents.

Metah Helmet

Flux Helmet


​The Flux helmet is available in a range of specific designs. The flux helmet appears to have upper coverage and availability in one colour.


​The flux helmet features a deep EPS rear profile. In addition the helmet also gives the wearer the maximum airflow as a result of the 17 large vents present on the helmet. The Flux Cauz was the best selling helmet in 2015. It also features an actuated retention system making it more secure and more of an exact fit.


​The Flux helmet has been discriminated for its undesirable weight or being “heavy”. The rear adjustment band is also difficult to operate, creating complexity unnecessarily for users. Additionally the helmet has been scrutinised as a result of the confusing spoiler.

Rampage Comp


The Rampage stands in the mid level full face range. The primary material used in its construction is fiberglass providing the helmet increased strength simultaneously with a lighter weight. The helmet has 2 fibreglass shells and 3 EPS dimensions. The helmet also provides full face coverage and a range of colours to choose from!​


The rampage features a channelled EPS airflow system delivering improved airflow. The helmet also has deep protection shells that are special poured polyutenane. The Rampage Mako features a removable liner allowing for the helmet to feel specifically clean.


The rampage helmet has been observed to lack durability and said that the liner material is “like a sponge”. The helmet is also known to be less comfortable than alternative options.

Transition Hardshell


The transition helmet is available in multiple colours and provides the rider with the so called “street look”​


The transition helmet features an ABS harp shell. This is desirable and useful to individuals wishing to purchase this helmet.


The transition helmet features a range of advantages, however the helmet is known to be difficult to fit and said to offer poor protection.

Recommendations For You 

If your thinking of purchasing a Fox mountain bike helmet, go for it! It’s a popular brand known for delivering comfort and quality to its customers. In addition, the helmets offered by the brand offer a range of advantages differing from helmet to helmet. The Fox Flux helmet is the most prevalent of the range, and has proved to contain many desirable features. However, if one is looking for a cheaper helmet options such as the Flight Hardshell still offer a high level of quality, reflecting the brand.

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Fox Helmets produce a wide range of helmets, suitable for a range of different consumers. From prioritizing durability to comfort and all the way to style, Fox can meet your needs. The majority of Fox helmets possess desirable features such as good ventilation, light weight and presence of ESP. However, some Fox helmets are not so widely liked containing disadvantages such as discomfort and lack of durability.

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