Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Below 1000

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If you’ve dreamed about pedaling the open road, avoiding traffic, staying in shape ,saving the planet, beat illness and want to live longer, then this article will help you to choose your mountain bikes. I sincerely recommend you to take few minutes to go through what I experienced.

Mountain biking is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the life off-road. There are lots of mountain bikes available in the market with their frames made from steel, aluminium or carbon fiber, so its a difficult job to choose the best bike that suits you. I made it easy for you, have a look.

Things to consider before buying:

What types of riding you want?

Trail riding,Cross Country (XC) riding, Enduro riding, getting fit, commuting, touring, racing and off-road are some examples.

Trail riding: Trail bikes are still capable of covering big distances .This bike is used for racing on the downhill sections. A good trail bike will have enough suspension and aggressive tires to deal with more punishment.

Cross Country (XC) riding: Bikes which fall under this category are more on fitness and endurance side. This bike is used for racing for covering the ground quickly.

Enduro riding: Enduro is a popular racing format . That means that these bikes are designed to perform downhill on difficult trails and have to pedal yourself uphill.

what type of mountain bike you want?

Hard tail bikes or full suspension bike.

Hard tail bikes: Hard tail mountain bikes are lightweight bike with front suspension.

Full suspension bikes: Full suspension bikes consist of both rear and front suspension offering the rider more comfort and control.

What's my budget?

Budget is the critical factor when looking at a new bike. Mountain bikes vary widely in type, quality, size, and shape. Specialized bikes are costlier than entry level bikes.

If you planning to buy less than 500$ then you will found entry level bikes most of them are not meant for hard rides, looking between 500$-100$ then you will have a choice of decent quality bike made with durable components best for abusive rides.

Best place to buy from

The best thing about Amazon is you can shop in a single click without even walking outside your room. You can view multiple mountain bikes and can compare them, because of high competition with other sites you can get your favorite bike at low price and mostly on discount.

There are variety of payments methods available. Amazon is the most secure platform to buy physical goods. Moreover you can see what the consumer have to say about the product they purchased, before you even buy the product.

Diamondback Recoil Mountain Bike

Diamondback Recoil feels great for an entry-level mountain bike, with smooth curves and neat welds providing a great geometry, the recoil will push your limits to maximum.

The full suspension will give you smooth ride on rough trails. This bike is made with good looking single Flex Point light aluminum full suspension frame which give the bike expensive look and great acceleration while climbing uphill.

The Stance line is available in 3 sizes small, medium, large. Recoil has introduced Flex Points on the seat stays saving weight and eliminating cost of bearing. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes allow you to control the bike downhill with confidence. The brakes are of good quality and saves your from injury in all weather.

The base model is less than 1000 but others are over 1000. Somewhere on hard ride suspension lacks sensitivity. Upgrading the tires with more grips, impress you with the bike handling. At this price range, this is what the best you can get.

Customers are happy after purchasing this bike, some says this bike is good for uphill, downhill and others like to practice, exercise, and develop the skills on this bike.

Diamondback Recoil Mountain Bike

Schwinn Protocol

Climbing up hills on a mountain, descending a hill at high speeds or slows the learning curve, this bike gives beginner advantages over other mountain bikes. The biggest benefit of having Schwinn protocol is the control it provides while descending a hill at high speeds. All the components are durable. Style too plays an important factor. Look wise the design is smooth and curvy. It gives you an attractive look. Rear suspension ensure your ride don’t get too bumpy. Protocol comes with Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters. You can press both shifter buttons while braking. You will get 26 inch wheels. They are light, and the spokes needs to be tighten a bit. Stock tires will provide you with better acceleration and makes it easier to sustain higher speeds over a long time. The full suspension will give you the confidence to go for hard trails and learn the lines. Overall the rear suspension is fully adjustable, it will prevent your body from damage by absorbing the hit. Schwinn protocol comes with linear pull disc brakes which stop quickly and ensure safety for you. The brakes work better in wet, after riding over a puddle or during rainy days etc.

Customers especially liked how responsive the shifters and brake levers are but they are unhappy with no bottle mount available with the frame. Adjusting bikes component were the major problem faced by them but while riding they were happy to see the performance of bike.

Below amazon link is provided as its the most secure platform to get the best deal and reviews just Click Here.

Schwinn Protocol

Gravity FSX 29 One Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

The Gravity FX 29 one dual suspension mountain bike is liked and loved by every one because of its great review. The Gravity FSX29 mountain bike has sold out in various countries across the world. Its dual suspension makes the mountain bike comfortable to ride it on uneven tracks. The Gravity FSX 29 comes with SHIMANO Alivio EZ Fire Triger, as well as SinglePivot technology, which reduces the weight and cost of bike. Tektro Novela mechanical disc brake offers a life saving tool for you and your bike. This bike is loaded with advanced technological features which give you smooth ride at affordable price. Most users are expressing good responses from Gravity FSX 29. Rigid and durable material used in bike gives rider good value for their money.

Gravity FSX 29

29 inch Hyper Explorer Men's Mountain Bike

Considering buying a 29 inch Hyper Explorer Men's mountain bike then you must know the bike worth around 200$ and you are getting 29inch wheels with 21 speed ,rear and full suspension and front disk too. It's a great deal to buy.

It has an aluminium frame which makes it lightweight, strong, and relatively inexpensive. An aluminium bike frame is a good, affordable option making bumpy trail riding a bit more comfortable. The front shock is really soft and should be little tough.

Consumers are satisfied completely with this bike they are happy with 29 inch wheels and they recommend it for everyday use. But after few miles the suspension degrades quickly. Below there is link of amazon to get more deals and review on it.

29" Hyper Explorer MTB

29' Hyper Explorer MTB Men's Bike, Black

Check current Price

29" Mongoose Ledge 3.1 Men's Mountain Bike

The mountain bike is loaded with large 29-inch wheels, full-suspension aluminum frame design, riding hard on trails. SRAM twist shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur allows you to be able to do many things you wish for with high class mountain bike. The sporty design of the frame not only makes this bike look tough, but also the strong full suspension body allows the ride to be comfortable on the roughest trails. The huge wheel of this bike is also a plus point.

There are mixed review about this bike some are facing problem assembling the bike mostly in case of pedals, front disc brakes rubbing but overall bike gives a good handling and great look at low price. Amazon link is being provided so that you go through the bike and review it.

29" Mongoose Ledge 3.1

My recommendation

After reviewing the best full suspension bikes and knowing what customers had experienced about it. I would suggest you Diamondback Recoil Mountain Bike and Schwinn Protocol these bikes comes from a best brand and is not possible to list every brand available out of the top 5. Recoil Mountain Bike and Schwinn Protocol are the great mountain bikes offering great qualities and features with nil drawbacks. Recoil comes with flex point ensuring less weight and cost management in other hand Protocol comes with best and responsive shifters ensures better performance.


With all the good features and characteristics, there is no second thought about purchasing the top five bikes below 1000$.

However, the following bikes can be used for daily commuters and are designed for high performance mountain bikes. The top bikes are absolutely worth trying provide you wonderful ridding to have a great taste of life.