Complete Review Of Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike

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Riders if you looking for a strong aluminum frames with front, rear shock and plenty of gears to get you to top of the hills, then Genesis V2100 Dual suspension mountain bikes is solid enough for you . The full suspension and disc brakes make this mountain bike exclusive a good buy for the beginners at the good price.

Features of Genesis Mountain Bike V2100

Let us understand in more detail if you getting fun, good-looking, built right, superior comfort with Genesis V-2100.

Strong Frame

The frames are clearly the biggest factor to make it a strong bike loaded with 26 inch full suspension aluminum MTB frame. This frame makes your mountain bike light and easy to control. Bike is fitted with a padded seat and they are comfortable too. The key feature of this bike is full suspension frame. Full suspension frame, makes this mountain bike safe for you all kinds of riding style include off road like trail riding, downhill or even up hill.


A mountain bike Brakes that fits properly and makes a huge difference in terms of safety of your ride. Genesis V-2100 is equipped with front disk brake 160 mm linear pull rear. The good build quality of brake is much appreciated. It's easier to control the bike mostly in curvy trails . The brakes are so responsive that most of the time one finger is needed to stop the bike.

Comfortable Suspension

Full suspension fork increases the good cutting edge of technology and great acceleration. There is no bad reviews about the suspension. The makers are providing you great suspension with low price range. Although this does not means you abuse your bike suspension will probably breakdown if you ride hard. Riding out on the uneven path, it’s a much more comfortable mountain bike.


Genesis V-2100 comes with 26er tires. The tires feature with very durable and long live rubber ensuring aggressive ride and great value for your money. Wheels are perfect for commuting, training or on hard tails. Wheels are designed in such a way that while rolling resistance is low and speeds high. No complain has been registered by the customers.


It has Shimano EF40 21 speed which feels right for this bike and easy to use at this affordable price tag. They work well and you will have infinite freedom as you continue to get better. It has abilities to shift several gears in one shift plus they are lightweight. Shifters are made up of excellent quality ability to make personal adjustments. Find an open area and pedal, your shifts will be faster and more silent. Riding uphill or downhill has become five finger exercises.

Style Of  Genesis V2100

Not only features but also style attracts the buyer. After assembling the bike looks awesome. It has great frame. Bike is designed in such a way that cables don’t bend too tight and don’t become bound as the suspension moves up and down, eliminating the need for cable tension. Talking about the performance of bike tire has smooth contact area for decreased rolling resistance, fast-rolling tires on trails as well as road. No irregular bouncing of rear suspension. Frames do have an amount of shock-absorbing characteristic due to the improved materials and its design. It has perfect curves. Features of this bike includes this bike is designed keeping characteristics of mountain bike and commuter in mind.

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Strength of this bike

  • Larger framed
  • Ability to roll over obstacles
  • Cheap price
  • Smooth shifting of gears
  • Different size options available
  • Adjustable components
  • Good ride qualities
  • More stable
  • Commuter bike

Weakness of  this bike

  • Assembling of bike required
  • Plastic pedals break easily
  • Only front disk brake


Price range varies according to the size but you are likely to pay less than 500$ or you can visit amazon for current price and discount.

26" Genesis V2100 Men's Mountain Bike with Full Suspension Blue

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Watch video specification of Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike.

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