Kids Bike Gloves: Things to Consider and Top 10

Best Kids Bike Gloves
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Ben Walker
Ben Walker
I have loved mountain biking ever since growing up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I love downhill, dirt jumping, and free-riding.

Kids love biking, that’s a fact. They love riding their bikes, rain or shine, sunny or snowy. For parents, though, it’s often a battle to get them to wear the right gear. Bike gloves can help a kid stay warm while they’re riding their bike, as well as offering increased protection, comfort, and control.

Buying the right bike gloves for your kid will increase the likelihood that they’ll actually wear their gloves. If they don’t like them, they won’t wear them. It’s as simple as that. In this article, I’ll give you the rundown of the 10 best bike gloves for kids. You’ll save a lot of time worrying about them if they are happy to put on their awesome bike gloves. 

First off, why wear bike gloves in the first place?

Why use bike gloves?

There are lots of reasons why your kid should be wearing bike gloves when they go riding. Not only do gloves keep their hands warm, but their padding on the palms can make holding the handlebars more comfortable.

More importantly, though, wearing gloves means your kid is going to be safer. When you fall off a bike, it’s a natural reaction to put your arm out, so the first thing to come in contact with the ground is often your hand. Wearing gloves is a great way to protect your kids from getting hurt. 

Wearing biking gloves also gives you more control. If your fingers are freezing or soaking wet, it’s easier to slip on the handlebars or when applying the brakes. Gloves also reduce the vibration in a rider’s hands and arms and help prevent fatigue. Bike gloves give extra grip and riders wearing gloves have more control. 


Bike gloves come in different styles. There are short finger gloves, which are also called fingerless gloves, and long- or full-finger gloves. Different gloves come with different amounts of padding on the palm, back of the hand, and fingers.

Kids’ bike gloves come in different sizes and tons of different designs and colors, so take a look through some of the examples on this list to get an idea of what’s out there. I’ve got together the best 10 bike gloves for kids, and I’m sure there’s a pair in there that’s right for you. 

Top 10 Bike Gloves for Kids

HTZPLOO Bike Gloves

HTZPLOO makes some great fingerless gloves for kids. They are actually their adult model, just the small size, and they’re great value gloves. They have padding on the palm to protect a rider’s hands and stretchy lycra on the back and around the fingers make them super comfy. 

The HTZPLOO bike gloves come in 7 different colors, so there’s a pair in there for everyone. Another feature I like is the handy loops on the gloves that help make it easier taking them off. Sometimes after a long ride, it can be hard to pull biking gloves off, so these loops are great additions.

ZippyRooz Kids Bike Gloves

ZippyRooz Kids Bike Gloves are awesome full-fingered biking gloves for kids. They have four sweet design options – flowers, aliens, robots, and shapes, that kids are sure to love, plus they provide all the protection your kid’s needs while they’re riding. 

There are four sizes of ZippyRooz gloves, designed for 1-year-olds all the way up to 10-year-olds. The long-finger design makes them great for giving protection as well as warmth. It will be easy to get kids to wear their gloves with the ZippyRooz gloves. 

Zippy Rooz Toddler Bike Gloves

ZippyRooz also makes fingerless gloves for toddlers. With 8 styles to choose, from unicorns to dinosaurs to monsters, there’s sure to be a pair of ZippyRooz toddler gloves right for you. They come in 4 different sizes, recommended for 1-year-olds to 8-year-olds. 

The velcro strap is simple and easy to use. Plus they come with handy loops on the fingers, so your kid won’t have any trouble taking them off. The padding on the palms gives toddlers the protection they need when their riding and the ZippyRooz would be the perfect first pair of biking gloves for a toddler.

Anser Riding Gloves

Anser makes a great, affordable pair of fingerless riding gloves whose small sizes are perfect for kids. They aren’t expensive and they come in a bunch of colors, so you’ll be able to find the right pair for your child. 

Anser gloves are made of neoprene and lycra which means their light and soft and provide a comfortable fit. The foam padding on the palms helps absorb the shocks when riding and helps protect your child from injuries as well as the cold. 

LuxoBike Cycling Gloves

For a nice, cheap pair of full-fingered biking gloves, the LuxoBike cycling gloves are a great option. Their padding provides security and their breathable lycra provides warmth and protection from the elements. 

A great thing about the LuxoBike gloves is that they are touchscreen compatible, so your kid won’t have to take them off if they need to use their phone. 

Finger Ten Bike Gloves

Finger Ten makes a great pair of cycling gloves for kids. They’re full-fingered and come in blue, green, and orange. There are four sizes, recommended for 2 to 10-year-olds. The adjustable velcro wrist strap makes them a comfortable fit.

They are touchscreen compatible, plus they have silicon strips in the fingertips to provide that extra control when applying the brakes, which is a really nice feature that you don’t see on many kid’s biking gloves. 

Giro Youth Bravo Junior Gloves

Giro makes a great pair of kid-specific, fingerless biking gloves. They have 7 different sizes, so you’ll definitely be able to find the right size for your child. The Giro gloves have some of the best padding, so if protection is what you’re looking for, they are the gloves for you. 

They come in 6 different colors and are comfy and easy to take on and off. For a simple, high-quality pair of fingerless gloves, the Giro gloves are perfect.

MIFULGOO Kids Cycling Gloves

Mifulgoo makes a decent pair of inexpensive fingerless biking gloves for kids. Available in 3 styles – deer, castle, and Santa, they have two sizes recommended for 3-5-year-olds and 6-8-year-olds. The palms are cushioned and the backs are breathable and stretchy.

Morethan Kids Bike Gloves

With one color-option, the jazzy Morethan bike gloves are a cool pair of inexpensive fingerless biking gloves for kids. There are two size options recommended for 4 to 8-year-olds and 8 to 12-year-olds. They’re a great pair of affordable gloves that have to style your kid will love and the protection that your kids needs.

NATURE Ann Cycling Gloves

Nature Ann cycling gloves make some really cool, affordable bike gloves. They have gone for a more aggressive design than some of the other gloves on this list, and they come in a range of camouflage colors and wolf patterns.

With protective padding on the palms and stretch, breathable fabric on the back, these fingerless gloves are great for kids looking to add a bit of adventure to their bike riding

Kids Bike Gloves

Hopefully, now that you’ve seen the 10 best pairs of kids’ biking gloves, you have a better idea of what you’re looking for. Ideally, the right pair is somewhere in that list, and whether your kid needs fingerless camouflage gloves or full-fingered flower gloves, there’s a pair in there for everyone. 

Happy riding! 🙂 

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