Mongoose Impasse Dual & Full Suspension 29-Inch Bike Review

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If you are entry level biker as well as experienced rider and looking for a full suspension bike that is able to absorb the impact of rocks, logs, and other obstacles then go for Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch), it has bigger tires and bike is cheap.

Ride comes with dual suspension without compromising the comfort because you feel the less bumps with the rear shock. If you are planning on doing a lot of technical riding, doing jumps or other mountain bike stunts this type of bike is your best choice

Complete Review of Mongoose Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Features of Mongoose Impasse

There are a number of benefits and few drawbacks of Mongoose Impasse mountain bike that make it the best mountain bike for a cyclist. Let’s see in more detail what this bike is up to.

    • Strong Frame

    A strong dual suspension aluminum frame doesn’t transfer the impact of strong bumps through the bike to you causing a safe and comfortable ride. Aluminum frame ensures going down a bumpy trail can allow the shock to absorb the bigger hits. Now you can easily plan on doing more aggressive riding, you wished to consider.

    Impasse with this frame in the bike drastically improved the comfort on a full suspension mountain bike, the frame deals with bumpy rides and ensures comfortable sitting. Frame has added components like rear suspension which make it heavy.

    • Dual Disk Brakes

    A sec can save your life. This bike is equipped adjustable alloy front & rear disc brakes. Dual disk brakes ensure you are getting more stopping power with fewer efforts. Brakes give you confidence to handle the bike easier on terrain.

    Disk brake comes from high quality alloy ensuring maximum stoppage. Dual Disk brake gives you one of the right choices you can make in terms of stopping the bike, control, and safety.

    • Dual Suspension

    Dual suspension makes this mountain bike a very soft smooth ride. Most of the bikes have a bouncy suspension but Mongoose Impasse absorbs the bump and doesn’t jiggle around. Rear suspension makes this bike feels tight and responsive.

    Dual suspension absorbs the impact, making the wheels stay better on the ground leaving you with more traction and control. Mongoose Impasse Full Suspension mountain bike absorb a lot of the small bumps instead of transferring them to you.

    The bike comes with the added parts of a full suspension so it weighs more. Suspension perform well in aggressive trail riding during ascents and descents

    • Bigger Wheels

    You will get 29 inch wheels. Larger wheels absorb bumps and obstacles you will be able to ride at higher overall speeds. Longer contact area of tire helps with cornering at higher speeds. Bigger tires have increased momentum, and feel more stable at higher speeds.

    29-inch wheel will put more rubber on the surface at once. This means that you’ll have more grip for climbing, cornering and braking.

    • Shifter

    21 speed Shimano derailleur with SRAM twist shifters. The shifter just seems crisper and faster overall. The shifter allows the rider shift up and down multiple gears in a single motion. The comfortable shape and medium amount of padding should work for most riders

Short Specification of Mongoose Impasse Full Suspension Bike

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After assembling the bike give a heavy and attractive look. The aluminum frame has curves. The geometry of bike is made in such a way that the weight of bike is maintained in centred between both wheels and as low as possible. This gives a bike stability and overall better handling. . You will really like the frame and the geometryStyle

Overall the bike looks stylish and designed in such a way to provide Simplicity & Strength

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Strength of Mongoose Impasse

    • Good value
    • Full suspension bike
    • Easy shifting
    • Cheap price
    • Dual disk braking
    • Smooth rides
    • More stable
    • Easy assembling
    • Quick stop
    • Huge tires

Weakness of This Mountain Bike

    • Bouncy
    • Unable to mount bottle holder
    • Not for tall guys

    Editor's Rating!

Price $$$

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle is a cheap full suspension mountain bike you can check current price and discount online, below amazon link is given.

Best Alternatives

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension 26-Inch Red

Mongoose Impasse provides a best deal in terms of quality.

If you’re heavy mountain biker than I would suggest this bike for you. Won’t break no matter how hard you ride.

No alternative is there for this model if you new to biking then this ride may cause you difficulties then I would suggest you Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike this has got smaller tires that would be good for inexperienced rider. 

In short, Impasse has given good response. Keeping price tag in mind this bike fulfill all our needs .The bike has proven that the rider don’t face any difficulties controlling the bicycle and it is more easier for the tires to maintain traction. If you plan on doing more aggressive riding this bike can handle all your needs.

As with any bicycle manufacturer who provides a wide range of products you may wish to consider this bike.