Are Mongoose Kids bike pegs removable? What you need to know

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You can unbolt the rear derailleur, unscrew the chain, and fix the bottom brackets in your mongoose kids’ bike. Also, you can remove and attach the pegs on your mongoose bike with the right guide.

Pegs are useful accessories that can make your ride exciting. You can be able to do tricks regularly if your mongoose bike is installed with these fittings. But, when you are done with performing tricks in the skate park, you can remove the pegs and ride normally.

In this article, we will look at a few elementary steps of how to remove and attach the pegs in most mongoose kids’ bikes.

How to remove the pegs.

To remove the pegs, there are two necessary tools to have.

  • Ratchet
  • Screwdriver

Step by step guide.

There are two different kinds of bike pegs. Bolt-on pegs and threaded pegs.

Threaded pegs.

Threaded pegs are more straight forward accessories to have. To remove the threaded pegs, follow the below guide:

Step 1. Using a screw driver/3 mm thick metal trim, insert it through the drilled holes.

Step 2. Use a bit of strength to turn the screwdriver anticlockwise and loosen the peg.

Step 3. Once the peg is loose, remove the screwdriver and unscrew the peg with your hands.

Bolt-on Pegs.

Bolt-on pegs are technical and a bit complicated to install. So, to remove them, you should follow the below guide.

Step 1. Identify the sizes of the front peg and the rear peg. (The rear pegs on the most mongoose kids’ bike are wider than the front pegs).

Step 2. Get a socket wrench, extender, and a ratchet. (It can be a 17-mm or 19-mm ratchet for most kids mongoose mountain bikes)

Step 3. Put the wrench into the peg and make sure the socket fits the nut. (If the 17-mm socket won’t fit, try smaller socket widths).

Step 4. Using force, turn the ratchet and socket anticlockwise. This will loosen the axle nut

Step 5. Turn the ratchet until the peg slides-off of the axle.

Step 6. Return the bolt securely back to the wheel screw.

How to attach the pegs.

To attach the pegs back, you need to follow the below guide.

Step 1. Unscrew the bolt from the wheel screw.

Step 2. Slide the peg on the wheel screw.

Step 3. Turn the ratchet clockwise to tighten the bolt on the axle

You can now enjoy your ride.