Should You Buy Mountain Bike Helmets?

Safety First!! You can’t call mountain biking a passion until you have ensured your own safety! We all love mountain biking but is it rational to ignore our security issues? No, I think so! But ensuring security is expensive…right? Do Not Compromise your life with no security!! Mountain biking is such a sport where risks … Read more


Batman Kid’s Bike : Best Options and Unique Ideas

Every kid loves Batman. It’s a fact. Every kid also loves riding their bike. But when you want to combine their passions, there’s very little information out there about the best Batman bikes for kids in 2019.  Well, in this article, I’ve pulled together a list of all the best Batman bikes for kids. Plus, … Read more

Mongoose vs Schwinn

Mongoose vs. Schwinn Mountain Bikes

So you’re looking to buy a mountain bike and you’ve narrowed it down to two different brands –Mongoose and Schwinn. Both companies make great introductory mountain bikes for affordable prices and have a good range of basic hardtails, great for city riding or easy to medium cross country riding. But how to choose between the … Read more

mongoose bikes for kids

Mongoose kids’ bike size chart

Before buying a mongoose kids’ bike, there are a few factors you should consider. Cost, design, and color. But, did you know that size is one crucial element most people forget to consider. Here, we will look at what sizes are perfect for your kids’ bikes. What to know prior Their wheel sizes measure bike … Read more

mongoose bikes for kids

Best kids rear seats for mongoose excursion bikes

The best kid’s mongoose excursion bike not only needs to be made with durable frames and hard-wearing tires. A good bike needs comfortable seats for long-lasting comfort. The best kids’ rear seat should be made from quality material, precise width, and advanced design. However, these are not the only features you need to consider. Here, … Read more

mongoose bikes for kids

Are Mongoose Kids bike pegs removable? What you need to know

You can unbolt the rear derailleur, unscrew the chain, and fix the bottom brackets in your mongoose kids’ bike. Also, you can remove and attach the pegs on your mongoose bike with the right guide. Pegs are useful accessories that can make your ride exciting. You can be able to do tricks regularly if your … Read more

mongoose bikes for kids

Are mongoose kids’ bikes aluminum? Answered

There are different kinds of materials used to make bike frames. Steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium. All these materials have their advantages, similarities, and disadvantages. The mongoose kids’ bikes are manufactured with durable aluminum frames. Also, they come equipped with rugged tires. The rugged tires are ideal for both on-road and off-road experience. What … Read more

Best Black Friday Bicycle Deals 2020

With all the new season models coming in, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to score some discounts on all kinds of bicycles. This year is no different, and with retailers filtering off their old stock already, we decided to do the legwork for you and bring you some of the best … Read more