Roadmaster Granite Peak Assembly Instructions

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Roadmaster’s assembled components are tuned at factory. You may need to assemble these parts: install the seat and seat post, install the handle bar and steering stem, install the front wheel and install the pedals.


Unpacking The Bike

At first,Open the box and grab the middle frame of the roadmaster granite peak bike and lift the bike. Remove all packing tape, paper, cardboard, along with all packing materials placed to protect the bike.

Setting The Handle Bars

Twist the handle bars perfectly to set it in place and carefully rotate them towards you about 2 to 3 times  untangling the gear wires letting you properly align the handle bars.

Grab the handle bars and slide them onto the bike post in front. You will see a small slanted screw that can be rotated which can be found at the bottom of the handle bars. If nothing else is left tangled and everything has been properly aligned, all you need to do is slide it in place.​

How To Put On The Bike Seat


For installing the seat you need to simply insert the seat post into the frame,  before you do this apply anti seize or a lithium grease to the seat post for preventing corrosion.

Seat posts get along with rust and may freeze inside the frame making it impossible to adjust the seat. Moreover, there is a minimum insertion mark on it.Seat post should be inserted far enough into the frame making the insertion mark not visible. Undoing that may damage the frame.

The roadmaster granite peak bike frame also come with a quick release to clamp the seat post perfectly.


How To Install The Front Tire

Make the bolts loose until it can fit on the bottom fork. Pull the safety clamp  keeping the frame in an upright position and pull it to make it slide out.

The brake wire pads needs to be moved out of the way otherwise it will not be possible for you to get the tire on. Use a screw driver to put the tire on and loosen the screws and start pulling the wire out making the whole thing hang open.

Next thing is to slide the tire onto the fork in order for it to fit with the bolts found outside the fork. Tighten the two bolts outside in order to keep the tire in place.

How To Put The Brakes Back Together

You will see an open slot circle in shape holding the wire. This is the one you need to unhook and take the brake wire, pads pulling them together.

Slide the brake wire pad back into the open slot. You should find a piece that looks like a cylinder and is supposed to go behind the slot so that the wire would be held in place.


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