Roadmaster Granite Peak Men's Bike Frame Size

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A perfect bike that fits correctly is always comfortable to ride, while small ones may cause handling problems becoming uncomfortable on longer rides.


Mountain bikes comes with different size and frames. One should not compromise frame size to buy mountain bikes. Frame size plays a crucial role in riders compatibility. Roadmaster granite peak men's bike have a frame size of 18 inches.


Generally, this frame size is highly comfortable for people with height ranging from 5’2”-5’6”.


Why frame size is important?


Frame size ensures riders flexibility and ensures proper control for riders. Roadmaster granite peak men's bike frame size perfectly matches with people with the height previously said.


What will bigger frame size cause?


Get the frame too big and you may face:

  • Sore back from overreaching due to long rides
  • Lack of standover clearance which may lead to wince-inducing experiences
  • Lack of control.


The bike is specially designed for people struggling with budget. It has the ability to carry upto 250 pound man. It’s steel frame material makes it light and comfortable.


The frame can hold the stress of trails, but it’s better not to go hard on trails with it.


roadmaster granite peak is specially designed for beginners. It’s cheap price makes it more easy and available for people to go for it.


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