Roadmaster Granite Peak 24, 26 Weight & Limit

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When it comes to riding trails and roads, Roadmaster Granite Peak is one of the best call. Roadmaster, is a trusted name for over 10 years in U.S.A. The granite series made a lot of people love their bikes.

Roadmaster Granite peak comes with 24” and 26” bikes. Generally, the weight of it is around 27 pounds.

This bike is perfect for beginner to travel on trails and road. It’s riding flexibility is the main feature.

Roadmaster Granite peak comes with a range of 18 speed options, so it’s basically available for people of all ages.Shifting gears is very easy.It’s comfortable paddle and handlebars are compatible for rookie and pros.
Though roadmaster granite peak is overall a good bike, we can’t also deny it’s limitations.

The bike is not designed for aggressive rides. So, one must be careful about riding on very high trails.

The components aren’t of a great quality. Besides, it comes with low brakes.

The seats aren’t comfortable. Which is why one may need to change their seats.

It easily gets scratches.

Overall, we can say that Roadmaster Granite Peak is a good bike relative to its price. Moreover, a beginner should go for this one.

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