Types Of Mountain Bikes To Know Before Buying

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Not all mountain bikes are created the same way. Most people who are into riding on high and low tails might know what kind of bike they are after. But if mountain biking is a new hobby you feel like getting into, you may want to have knowledge about the types of mountain bikes and which is suitable for you. This article would serve as a guide to show you just that.

Mountain bike

A mountain bike which is equally known as a mountain bicycle is a bicycle created for cycling off-road. Mountain bikes look similar to other bikes but have features designed to enhance performance and durability in rough terrain. This includes suspension on fork and frame, highly durable heavy duty wheels, large knobby tires, stronger brakes and minimal gas ratios which are needed for sloppy environments with poor traction.

Types of mountain bikes

There are various types of bikes available in the market today, but these are the most common mountain bikes to know, they include;

  • Cross country mountain bikes; these are also known as XC bikes and are the most common bike most people are bound to find. They are the ones you would notice available in most shops. There are lightweight and are created for speed.

The cross country bikes are divided into two categories which include; XC race bikes and XC trail bikes.

  • Enduro mountain bikes/all Mountain bikes; this does precisely what it states. If you have problems selecting a bike, then this bike is probably an ideal choice for you. Enduro bikes or all mountains share similarities to XC trail bikes but have more powerful frames and a little more travel in the suspension. The majority of these bikes would be in full suspension category and will have about 140-160mm travel in them; this is to enable riders to ride through more difficult and more complex types of trail obstacles. These are ideal for going on steeper more complex trails.

Other types of bikes include;

Downhill mountain bikes; these bikes are created for the riders who just enjoy going downhill with speed and are daring. They are created for fast step descents, and because of that, the gears are designed to achieve that. At PMB we a listed best mountain bike reviews

The gears are made huge and elevated for pedaling with speed over extremely rough terrains. The tires are broader and contain wider rims, and the gears and frame are quite durable and will stay in place quite well when under pressure. These bikes also consist of disc brakes which are standard and a chain guard to help support the chain in place on rough descents.

Freeride mountain bikes; they are a bit similar in many areas to the downhill bikes. The major difference is what it is used for.  The bike is a bit lightweight; the frame is a bit more compact to enable riders to maneuver easily. They are created for jumping and engaging in technical stunts.

There are various types of bikes available, but these are the major kinds. You can check out promountainbikers.com for more information about biking.

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