What is a Hardtail Mountain Bike? A Common Question Answered!

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What is a hardtail bike? This question often comes up when a new biker is starting to learn about his available choices of bikes. This article would serve as a guide to provide answers to this question and the benefits of using one so you can decide if this is the bike for you.

What is a hardtail MTB?

A hardtail mountain bike which is also known as front suspension bike is a kind of cross-country mountain bike. A cross country mountain bike can be ridden on various types of terrain without having to make use of a lift or other methods of transportation.

Hardtail bicycles have a suspension fork in front which takes in the impact caused by bumps and other obstacles. In comparison to the full suspension mountain bike, the hardtail does not consist of any rear suspension which leads to various benefits and disadvantages. However, there are many hardtail mountain bikes on our promountainbikers.com homepage where we listed 5 best mountain bikes for beginners.


Benefits of a hardtail bike

  • It is better for climbing up the hills; because the hardtail only has a front suspension, it is more effective for going up hills because it is lightweight. If you have plans to engage in a lot of climbing and want to be able to do it with speed, the hard tail bike is a good choice. Most racers always choose hardtail because they can get the best of their opponents on the sections of the trail which go uphill.
  • They are less mechanically complex; because they do not consist of rear shocks, pivots, and other complexities. There is minimal wear out and repair with a hardtail. You get to spend maximum time riding and minimal time on repair and maintenance.
  • Hard tail bikes are affordable: Hard tail bikes are very affordable, in comparison with its benefits, it is cheap and worth every cent. Users get the good value for money’s worth because it is easy to find better components and frame at any price point with a hardtail because the producer does not have to spend on surplus cost of a rear shock and a pivoting rear end.
  • Har tail bikes are very light in weight; the weight is only a product of the surplus tubes, pivots, and the rear shock would add more weight. Producers make efforts to compensate for lighter and better materials that result in more cost. For people who are interested in bikes that are light in weight, then hard tail bikes are the obvious choice. It’s ideal for many reasons, one critical reason is the ease to climb uphill on a light, for bikers who like adventuring that involves driving uphills, a hardtail bike is a good choice.
  • It’s more fun and challenging going through difficult and complex terrains without suspension. Many hardtail fans find this appealing

There are various benefits having a hardtail bike provides users besides from being lighter and faster.

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